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4.2/5 | 47+ reviews

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Eterno promises a completely new level of medical care: contemporary, digital — and always with a holistic view of your health.
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We do things differently

Primary care must become more humane — for doctors and patients. Eterno is creating a new operating model that is contemporary, digital and holistic.


State-of-the-art facilities

The Eterno locations have a comprehensive infrastructure for optimal care. Fully equipped practice rooms enable treatment at the highest level. The cozy sobar makes for a pleasant stay.

Modern waiting area, coffee available
Treatment for both the private and public insured
Modern doctor offices

Over 20 departments

Our spaces bring together over 20 specialist areas under one roof. Here you will find an interdisciplinary doctor and treatment offer from which patients and doctors benefit equally.

Diagnosis and Treatments can be establised cross-functionally
High expertise across all departments
Fast and close-by treatment paths

Read what our patients say about us

Are you thinking of paying us a visit? Be inspired by the testimonials from our patients.

“Incredibly refreshingly nice staff, got an appointment immediately and very competent doctors.”

Sarah Isabel Mohr

“Unique concept where a doctor's appointment becomes an experience. From reception to treatment rooms, everything was great.”

Alexander Brunst

“Great environment and friendly staff!”

Tim Nolte


At Eterno, you can expect a holistic health concept in a modern and inviting environment. Here, patients find a wide variety of different practices under one roof. Physicians benefit from optimally equipped practice rooms and comprehensive support for administrative tasks from the Eterno team. Our goal: Improved care, from which patients and doctors benefit equally.

In an Eterno location, the topic of health is considered holistically. Here, modern, ergonomically designed spaces create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to various specialist practices, Eterno offers amenities such as a cozy sobar, yoga and fitness areas and a retail space — a holistic concept that goes far beyond what traditional medical practices offer.

You can currently find us in the historic Kaufmannshaus in Hamburg and in the Windows building in Frankfurt-Westend. We look forward to seeing you soon at the BEAM building in Berlin and in future in Munich, Düsseldorf and many other locations.

As a doctor, with Eterno, you can Rent practice rooms and start, relocate or expand your practice. In doing so, you retain full control over your medical work and financial concerns. Eterno takes on all non-medical tasks, from making appointments to billing, and provides an advanced infrastructure to optimize processes for all parties involved.

Eterno offers a wide range of medical specialties, ranging from general medicine to internal medicine, orthopedics, dermatology and gynecology to psychotherapy. The exact offer may vary depending on the location, you can find out more about this on the respective location page.